Release Notes: September 10, 2020

Release Notes is where we review recent product enhancements and resolved issues to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. Here is what's releasing tonight!

  • Hyphens in the following fields on the claim form will now be sent in electronic claims. Previously, hyphens were replaced with spaces.
    • Box 2: Patient's Name
    • Box 4: Insured's Name
    • Box 9: Other Insured's Name
    • Box 31: Therapist Signature
  • When merging patients, more information will now be kept than was previously possible.
  • You will now be asked to type a confirmation when trying to merge patients.
  • We resolved an issue that prevented patients in certain scenarios from being merged. Previously, a message appeared indicating an error occurred.
  • If a patient can’t be merged, the error will now explain what is preventing it. Previously, it did not provide any other information.