Add an Other Event Preset

Permissions: You need the Admin permission to add an appointment preset.

Create a preset for your clinic's Other Event / Meeting appointments, which schedulers can be use to automatically set the event's title or duration, or to color code the events on the calendar.

Add an Other Event Preset

  1. Go to Admin → Advanced Setup → Appointment Presets.
  2. Click the Other Event tab.
  3. In the lower right, click the + Other Event Preset button.
  4. Fill in the preset's information.
  5. Click the Save Other Event Preset button.

The preset will be available for selection when scheduling an other event / meeting.

About the Fields

Field Description
Name The name of the preset.
Title The title that will be filled in by default when this preset is selected.
Duration The duration, in minutes, that will be set by default when this preset is selected.
Color The color that will display on these events if the calendar is set to view preset colors.