Release Notes: May 28, 2020

Release Notes is where we review recent product enhancements and resolved issues to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. Here is what's releasing today!

Patient vs. Clinic Appointment Cancellation

When canceling an appointment, you'll now choose between Patient Canceled  and Clinic Canceled . Use the Clinic Canceled status when you don’t want the cancellation to count toward the patient’s cancellations.
All of the appointments that have been canceled in the past will now be marked as “Patient Canceled”.
The following insights and the saved reports based on them now distinguish between patient and clinic cancellations:
  • Appointments
  • Appointment Statuses
  • Daily Numbers
  • Service Breakdown
  • Patient Attendance
  • Patients
  • Locations
  • Users
  • Appointment Statuses Over Time

Other Changes

  • When trying to join a teletherapy session early, the message explaining that the appointment hasn’t started yet now shows the appointment’s date, time, and time zone.
  • The claim summary will now show decimal amounts for the Total Charge field. Previously, for example, a total charge of $150.20 would show as $150.00 in the summary.
  • When you try to cancel a payment made on the patient portal, the confirmation will now show the account name as expected. Previously, the account name was shown as blank.
  • You can now sign a discharge document as an amender with a sign date in the past. Previously if any documents existed after the selected sign date, an error appeared indicating you could not discharge the patient.
  • In AdminFusion Billing Plan, the Current Billing Cycle card will no longer show a blank button if the billing feature is not enabled.
  • In Admin Fusion Billing Plan, the Current Billing Cycle card will no longer hide items that have same description as another item.