Release Notes: May 7, 2020

Release Notes is where we review recent product enhancements and resolved issues to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. Here is what's releasing today!

What's New

  • You can now search for patients by their Medical Record number from the "Search Patients..." field in the upper left of Fusion.
    Note: You'll need to type in at least three characters to search by Medical Record number.
  • The clinic's time zone will now appear in the online appointment notification on the patient portal for joining a teletherapy appointment.

Resolved Issues

  • When a teletherapy appointment is scheduled or edited for a past date or time, an email is no longer sent to the patient's contacts.
    Note: This is based on the start time of the appointment.
  • For clinics with centralized billing, billers can now assign diagnosis pointers when they open a daily note from Billing → Charges.