Release Notes: April 2, 2020

Release Notes is where we review recent product enhancements and resolved issues to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. Here is what's releasing today!

What's New

Customers at Assisted Billing Clinics can now edit a remit's basic information, except for the Amount field. 

Resolved Issues

  • In a daily note, you can no longer click into the Goal / Objective Data section if there are no goals listed. Previously, it would trigger the Pull Forward action, which would cause an error. 
  • The Authorization Number field on a claim form now accepts hyphens. 
  • When signing a daily note as a contributor, the confirmation message will no longer indicate that charges will be submitted. 
  • On remits, the View File button and Print Adjudications button will now display claim-level information when the sum of all adjustments equals zero and all other values are also zero. 
  • If you try to create a user with a student credit request for an email address that has already received a credit, the message will not explain the problem. Previously, the message said there was an unknown issue. 
  • For clinics with centralized billing, the number of daily notes that need to have charges submitted will now display next to the Charges page. Previously, a question mark appeared. 
  • The PDF viewer has been updated, which should allow PDF documents with movable fields to display as expected when viewed within Fusion. Previously, some information in the movable fields would not appear unless the document was downloaded.