Release Notes: March 26, 2020

Release Notes is where we review recent product enhancements and resolved issues to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. Here is what's releasing today!

What's New

  • POS code 50, Federally Qualified Health Center, is now available for locations and claims. Claims with this POS code will show the location's information in box 32.
  • The Fusion Billing Plan page has been updated to make it easier to find information about your Fusion plan. 
    • The Subscription card shows information about your current plan, the cost, and your current payment method.
      • The Send Receipt To button allows you to select a Fusion user to receive a notification when a payment is processed for your Fusion billing plan. 
    • The Current Billing Cycle card shows the estimated upcoming charges for the next invoice based on your current plan and usage for the month so far. 
      • The Claims Submitted button shows the breakdown of your electronic claim submissions by service type. 
      • The Communication History button shows your clinic's email and fax history. 

Resolved Issues

  • Goal graphs in progress notes not tied to an appointment will now show the expected data points. Previously, the goal graphs would only show future data points.
  • A spelling error has been corrected in the Feeding Assessment evaluation section. "Stabalizes" has been changed to "Stabilizes". 
  • Corrected an issue that allowed multiple unverified bank accounts to be added. Now, if you try to add another bank account while you already have an unverified bank account, Fusion will delete the original, unverified bank account.