Get a Visit Signature

Permissions: You need the Docs permission to add a visit signature.

You can record a patient or caregiver signature for a visit to have additional documentation verifying that services took place. This is typically used for home or school-based treatment.

Before you Begin

  • Signatures are generally best captured using a touch-screen device.
  • Once a visit signature is added, you won't be able to change the date of the appointment.
  • The visit signature will appear on all documentation for the appointment, including evaluation-type documents.

Get a Patient or Caregiver Signature for a Visit

  1. Go to Docs → Daily Notes.
  2. Click the note for the visit that needs a signature.
  3. In the lower right, click the Visit Signature button.
  4. Type the name of the person who is signing.
  5. Have the patient or caregiver sign in the white box to confirm that services were performed on the listed date of service.
  6. Click the Add Visit Signature button.