Set Up the Patient Portal

Permissions: You need the Admin permission to set up the patient portal.

Let your patients and their caregivers log in to the patient portal so they can look up information about their services and make payments to you online! Follow the steps on this page to set up your portal and start sending invitations to your patients' contacts.

In This Article

  1. Sign Up for Payment Processing (Optional)
  2. Customize Your Patient Portal
  3. Invite Contacts to the Portal

Sign Up for Payment Processing

To allow your patients or their caregivers to make online payments and view their account balance or invoices online, sign up to process payments through Fusion.

The Billing Plan: Your clinic needs to be on the Billing plan to use payment processing. If you're interested in upgrading, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Customize Your Patient Portal

Start by customizing the settings for your portal. This gives you control over where patients or their caregivers go to log in and what information they can see.

Go to AdminBasic SetupClinic Options.
Scroll down to the Patient Portal Settings section and click the Edit Patient Portal Settings button.
Customize the settings for your patient portal.

Custom Portal URL The web address your patients or caregivers will use to log in to the portal. If you type in "mytherapyclinic", your portal's web address will be

This is required if you have a patient who also visits another Fusion clinic.
Portal Email Reply-To Replies to emails sent from Fusion, such as the email sent to new portal users, will be sent to this address. Use an email address your patients or caregivers can use to reach you if they have a question.
Documents Visible on Portal Select which types of documents can be seen by patients and their caregivers on the portal.
Other Settings If your clinic has signed up to process payments through Fusion, you can choose to let patients and their caregivers see their account balance or invoices.
Click the Save Patient Portal Settings button.

Invite Contacts to the Portal

When you're ready for patients or their caregivers to start using the portal, you can send email invitations to help them get started.

PHI Warning: This will send an email to the email addresses you select, granting them access to the indicated patient's PHI. Only invite contacts who are authorized to view each patient's private health information.

Go to AdminAdvanced SetupPortal Users.
In the lower right, click the + Invite Patient Contacts button.
Select the checkbox next to the contacts you want to invite to the patient portal. This list includes contacts with an email address where the patient is active, as long as a portal user hasn't already been created for that email and patient.

Existing Users: If you select a contact for an existing user, it will give that user access to the additional patient you've chosen.

Click the Invite Patient Contacts to Portal button.
Read any warnings that appear. If you're sure you want to continue, click the Yes, Continue button.

From the Patient's Info: You can also invite a contact to the portal from the patient's information, which will be easier for inviting new patient contacts as you add them.